If you’re a fan of all things two-wheeled, then you will no doubt be looking forward to the release of MotoGP 17, the latest title from Milestone to allow you to replicate the thrills and spills of the real world MotoGP championship. Well, good news, because the 17 variation will introduce something that has never been seen before – a Managerial Career.

Announced today, a whole new challenge will be set within MotoGP 17. After experiencing the thrills as a rider and becoming the ultimate bike racing champion, the new Managerial Career will see you placed into the shoes of the Team Manager for the very first time. It will be your decisions that determine the success of your team.

Whilst it is the riders who take all the glory, the commitment and talent of those on the pit wall should never be underestimated and so it’ll be up to you to manage your resources in order to create a winning team. Each victory will increase your reputation, bring you more cash and see your own riders’ performance raise.

As a Team Manager, the Managerial Career will see you juggling the following…

  • Sponsors: as the reputation of your team grows victory after victory, you will be able to increase your visibility and receive offers from the Championship’s official sponsors, allowing you to get new in-game credits.
  • Bikes: being competitive means being able to race on high performance bikes and being a Team Manager means you can invest in the best models. Naturally, the more popular your team becomes, the greater your selection will be!
  • Riders: one of the main tasks of the debut season will be to choose the best riders for your team; the player, apart from racing with their custom rider, will also need to hire another 5 riders who will compete in all the categories, guided by artificial intelligence. The player will also manage the crew and prepare the riders for each challenge. Managing the activities and costs for both the team and riders will speed your journey to success.
  • Team Departments: as the Team Manager, you will oversee the various departments that make up your team, investing resources to improve the growth of the riders and your income after each race. The team consists of more than 10 departments (Nutritionists, Athletic Preparation Team, Sports Management, etc.) and with careful management, players can win the World Championship in three different classes!
  • R&D Department: although a team is chiefly made up of people and activities that need to be managed on a daily basis, a good Team Manager will invest in the R&D department so as to always guarantee not only the best bikes but also the best components which will ensure superior performance, race after race!

Whilst the main racing event will no doubt be a big draw for many looking to live the thrill of the latest MotoGP championship, the introduction of the Managerial Career in MotoGP 17 will appeal to a huge amount of players. It’ll be available as soon as the game releases on Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro and PC come 15th June 2017.

Don’t miss it.

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