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It must be said that the upcoming release of MotoGP 19 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC is already hotly anticipated, but today Milestone have unveiled even more features, focusing on the multiplayer experience that will be found within. And what’s more is that there’s a new trailer to show off the gameplay too.

The new multiplayer mode in MotoGP 19 will feature some hugely important improvements, both technically and across the main gameplay experience, with the team at Milestone having worked to implement new technology that will ensure a more stable and reliable online experience is in place.

With them also enriching the gameplay side of things, MotoGP 19 looks to be ready to deliver a much more immersive racing experience than ever before, with dedicated servers powered by Amazon GameLift and both Public and Private Lobbies bringing it all together. Further to that will be a Race Director option.

So, what have Milestone promised? Well, how does the following sound?

  • Dedicated Servers powered by Amazon GameLift – The first step to improving the Multiplayer experience in MotoGP™19 has been to adopt, for the first time in a Milestone game, Dedicated Servers to host online matches. As with every Multiplayer game network infrastructure is crucial to guarantee the reliability and stability needed for online gameplay. Dedicated Servers allow for gameplay with very low latency, for smoother and lag-free races.
  • Public Lobbies, Private Lobbies – In MotoGP™19 players can browse the Public Lobbies list to find the race that meets their needs, or, thanks to Private Lobbies, they can create their own fully customisable Grand Prix to race with only their friends.
  • Race Director – Together with Private Lobbies, Milestone introduced for the first time in the series, the Race Director Mode, that enables players to manage every feature during online competition. Race Director can set race sessions and decide weather conditions on track. During the race he can assign penalties for riders’ irregular behaviours, just like in a real MotoGP™ race. Thanks to the TV Director mode, players can also manage cameras and overlays, to capture the most breathtaking actions to be included in livestreams.

Michele Caletti, Producer at Milestone, commented “Racing games are incredibly demanding in terms of bandwidth and ping time to recreate a believable action on track. To manage a MotoGP bike moving at 300km/h, you need absolute precision on collisions, and a precise reproduction of the opponents’ moves. Thanks to GameLift, ping times are not only lower, but much more consistent. Bandwidth from the server is virtually removed as an issue, and every player has the same data movement. And the on-track feeling is now incredible!”.

“Amazon helps developers dream big and build even bigger, and we’re excited that Milestone is using Amazon GameLift to delight fans of MotoGP 19,” said Jen MacLean, Worldwide Head of Business Development for Amazon Game Tech. “GameLift helps developers deliver the low-latency, highly-reliable multiplayer experiences that gamers crave.”

MotoGP 19 will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come June 6th, with a Nintendo Switch launch happening on June 27th, although the latter experience won’t come with any online features, instead seeing MotoGP 19 limited to the local scene.

Do these new features sell a purchase of MotoGP 19 to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you wish to know about the game that Milestone dropped last year, ensure you take in a read of our review of MotoGP 18 on Xbox One.

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