The publishers behind Road Rage, Maximum Games, have revealed the date you’ll be able to partake in the adrenaline fuelled joyride that’ll have you cracking skulls at the same time.

On 24th October – be sure to make a note of the date – you can get your hands on Road Rage, as long as you own an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC and are willing to spend £19.99. But what can be expected of this motorcycle brawler, which is slightly reminiscent of the classic game Road Rash?

Road Rage is an over-the-top motorcycle action game in which players must race, battle and hustle to climb their way up the ranks of an outlaw motorcycle gang. It features an open-world city, torn apart by underground crime, and you must earn money and build a reputation for yourself. Take no prisoners as you knock down and battle rivals in combat orientated races, equipped with a decent array of weapons. Ride in style on a variety of customisable bikes, and then push them to the limit as you play through 42 story-driven missions, with an additional 56 side missions – including delivery and escort type jobs.

Will you be bashing up all your potential rivals to become the leader of the pack when the release date comes around? Tell us via social media, the forums, or in the comments below.

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