We all love sinking our teeth into a nice adventure every now and then, and if you like your history and culture as well then Mulaka might just be the game you have been wanting all this time.

Centered around the rich culture of the Tarahumara tribe in Northern Mexico, you will play as a shaman of the tribe known as Sukurúame who is tasked with ridding the land of all the foulness plaguing it. The way you go about this involves puzzle solving inspired by real-world locations of the Sierra Tarahumara as well as engaging in hand to hand combat with enemies based around the mythical creatures in Tarahumara culture. Not only this, but crafting magical potions will also be essential for getting the most out of Mulaka.

It only needs one look at Mulaka for you to see the love that has gone into the visuals, with a cartoonish look being given to proceedings. Gameplay wise and fans of the Zelda series will see plenty of similarities.

Mulaka oozes culture from the sounds and views you will be treated to – pick it up on the Microsoft Store for £15.99 today, or alternatively make a purchase on PS4, PC or Nintendo Switch.

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Game Description:

Dive into northern Mexico’s breathtaking landscapes with Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. Renowned for their impressive running abilities, embark on the journey of a Sukurúame – a Tarahumara shaman – as you fight back the foulness corrupting the land, while drawing upon the powers of demigods. From solving puzzles in environments inspired by real Sierra Tarahumara locations, to heated hand-to-hand combat with creatures pulled from the region’s mythology, find out why the Tarahumara have earned a reputation for being superhumans.

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