Free-to-play is great and Warface is no different. Today though that Warface experience comes to Xbox One with a number of different Early Access packs hitting the console.

Loved by millions of players around the globe, Warface now brings its contemporary first person shooting skills to the Xbox One battlefield, providing a variety of classes, tons of teamwork opportunities and exciting PVE and PVP modes for players to enjoy.

To get involved you’ll want to grab a bit of a head start and the Early Access packs that are now available allow for that. The Rifleman, Medic, Sniper and Engineer Early Access bundles are all priced up at £19.99 and deliver a unique skin, 300 Kredits, a lovely weapon and access to the pre-release version of the game.

The Collector’s Early Access pack meanwhile is a slightly different, more expensive affair. This brings all of the following for £52.49…

  • Access to the pre-release version of the game
  • FN SCAR-H assault rifle and its golden variant
  • Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro shotgun and its golden variant
  • Magpul FMG-9 and its golden variant
  • Remington R11 RSASS sniper rifle and its golden variant
  • CZ-75 handgun and its golden variant
  • Jagdkommando combat knife
  • Paragon Squad skin set for all classes
  • 1500 Kredits

If you’re planning on spending some time with Warface on Xbox One, then it is this latter pack which will no doubt have the biggest draw, if only because it brings a far old whack of Kredits your way. If you need more, then there are also a number of Kredit top-ups available from £3.99 all the way up to £64.99.

Each of the various options can be grabbed right now from the Xbox Store and with Warface promising some great missions, raids and gameplay, they really should be something to consider.

Which of the packs will you be purchasing? Let us know in the comments below.

Game Description:

Warface is a contemporary first person shooter with millions of fans around the world. Four unique classes with special skills, teamwork, exciting PVE missions and raids, various PVP modes, hundreds of realistic weapons, modules, equipment and camo items. Play for free! PVP. A range of modes with dozens of maps – from time proven classics to fresh experiments as well as the elaborated system of ranked matches await its heroes! PVE. Play with your friends in short exciting PVE missions or try yourselves in full-scale raids with several difficulty levels. Teamwork. Four classes with unique skills. Assault the defenses of your enemies with a heavy machinegun, revive your teammates, mine the corridors or take down the foes with precise shots – here you decide how to act! Plenty of rewards and trophies. Hundreds of achievements with interesting and unusual obtain conditions. Can you collect them all?

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