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The early part of 2020 saw Bandai Namco go all out with new releases – One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 and My Hero One’s Justice 2 all released within a few weeks of each other. You could therefore expect them to be sitting back and taking it easy for a little while, but you’d be wrong as today we see a multitude of DLC packs arrive in the latter game. If you’re a fan of what My Hero One’s Justice 2 delivered, you’ll want to consider these. 

A 3D arena fighting title that launched back in March, My Hero One’s Justice 2 took the decent original game and moved things up a notch, ensuring that those followers of the My Hero Academia had a game worthy of their time. It wasn’t perfect, with a sparse online community and weird performance issues knocking our review down a peg or two, but on the whole the inclusion of entertaining battles, a decent Story Mode, and a great roster made sure it was worth a play. 

Now it’s time to enjoy some DLC with three new packs available – the Outlaw Suit Costume Set, the Cheerleader Costume Mei Hatsume and the DLC Pack 2: Mei Hatsume. 

So, first things first and the Outlaw Suit Costume Set will set you back a rather cool £9.49, but with the cash paid out, you’ll discover access to Outlaw Suit costumes for numerous characters: Tomura Shigaraki: Before Style, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Himiko Toga, Twice, Mr. Compress, Muscular, and Kai Chisaki.

You’ll also find the pack includes 10 color variations for each costume. It may seem a little pricey for what it is, but what’s money when you’re a fan?

Thankfully the other DLC packs now available are considerably cheaper. For £3.49 the DLC Pack 2: Mei Hatsume lets you play as Mei Hatsume and delivers 10 Costume Color Variations for good measure, whilst the even cheaper £1.69 Cheerleader Costume Mei Hatsume throws – as the name suggests – the cheerleading costumes the way of Mei Hatsume. And yes, again, 10 colour variations are in tow. 

If you are looking to expand the gameplay opportunities in My Hero One’s Justice 2 and have a little spare cash to hand, head on over to the Xbox Store (or other format stores if you would prefer) and grab the downloads for these new DLC packs right now. 

Let us know in the comments which you decide to pick up too. 

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