The people behind Figment, Bedtime Digital Games, have today announced a release date for their upcoming musical adventure and they’re so happy, they’ve decided to release a brand new trailer too!

What is Figment? Well, it’s a hand-drawn and meticulously crafted action-adventure game with puzzle elements, set in the strange and surreal world, deep into the recesses of the human mind. Players join a grumpy character named Dusty and his always optimistic pal, Piper, on an adventure which takes you through the different sides of the mind, fighting against the nightmarish creatures that are spreading fear everywhere they go. Expect to be solving puzzles and battling enemies from within the mind to restore the courage which was once present.

Jonas Byrresen, Creative Director on Figment, said: “It’s a really awesome feeling being able to finally set a date for Figment’s release – especially since we are so close to people actually getting to experience the full game for themselves.”

He added: “We’ve showed many parts of the game at conventions during the production, but the full game is in many ways larger than the sum of its parts. Figment is at its best when story, art, level design and music work together, and we can’t wait to see what people make of it.”

A bit of good news, bad news here, in that the specific release date of 22nd September is only for the PC platform. Rest assured though, Figment will eventually reach the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles this Winter.

Don’t forget to give the launch trailer a watch!


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