There are multiple ways to try and get your game funded, but the crowdfunding route is most definitely a current trend. And that is no doubt why the team at Drastic Games decided to go down that route with their musically driven dungeon crawler, Soundfall. Today we see it smash through its goal in order to see a release on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC get closer to reality.

Yep that’s right, Soundfall is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC after smashing through its funding goal of $55K. This will now allow the team at Drastic Games to crack on with development of the adventure game of your childhood, amped up as a quest driven twin-stick shooter and musical visualizer.

“With Fig, we can offer our community the unique opportunity to participate financially along with publishers and angel investors.” said Julian Trutmann, Co-founder of Drastic Games.

“Drastic’s community-focused ethos has made them a great developer to work with. They really understand what Fig is for.” said Justin Bailey, CEO and founder of

When Soundfall arrives we’ll be treated to an audio-driven dungeon crawler that has been procedurally generated to music, melding together the charm of classic adventure titles from years gone by with the intensity of a twin-stick shooter. .

You’ll take all this in by joining Melody, a talented young audiophile mysteriously transported to Symphonia, where a musical adventure kicks off. In a world where music comes to life, Melody must befriend endearing allies and wield legendary weapons against a horde of adversaries in a race to halt the return of an unfathomable darkness, Discord.

And it is the music that drives every aspect of Soundfall, as you’ll need to time your actions to the beat of the music to super-charge their effects as you dash, blast, and slash your way through a world forged by sound.

In fact, there are three key pillars which ensure that the world of Soundfall continues to roll; narrative, combat, and music:

  • Narrative: In Soundfall you embark on a magnificent journey of friendship and discovery. Share in the adventure of a lifetime as you delve into forbidden dungeons, explore fantastic landscapes, and uncover the awesome power of music. Soundfall is as much about story as it is about music, and throughout the game you’ll encounter a host of memorable personalities with a look and style all their own.
  • Combat: In Soundfall you’ll shatter enemies in fun, responsive combat. Battles in Soundfall leave you flushed and breathless, as you unleash an arsenal of music-driven skills and abilities to overcome the malevolent forces of Discord. Become immersed in exhilarating encounters, accessible to all levels of experience.
  • Music: Music is what makes Soundfall special! Everything, including combat encounters, enemy behaviors, ambient objects, loot, and level layouts are driven by the music you select. Music doesn’t just influence the world, music creates the world.

Features include:

  • Musical Immersion: Soundfall uses your music to fuel its gameplay. Everything from environments to creatures acting in time with the music. It’s all about immersing you in a world of sound.
  • Battle to the Beat: Play in time with your music as you fight back Discord. Unlock the power of your symphonic arsenal by dashing, slashing, and smashing to the beat. Chain together actions to form bigger, better on-beat combos.
  • Narrative Driven: Soundfall is as much about story as it is about music, and throughout the game you encounter a host of memorable personalities with a look and style all their own.
  • Cooperative Emphasis: Play any portion of Soundfall alone or with friends. Share the adventure with up to 3 friends in both couch co-op and online multiplayer.
  • Procedural and Hand-crafted Content: The world of Symphonia is made up of both hand-crafted levels designed by us and procedural levels generated from your music.
  • Legendary Artifacts: Discover ancient artifacts throughout Symphonia, each with unique abilities that synergize for compelling team-play.
  • Procedural Weapons: Unlock and wield one-of-a-kind weapons with unique gameplay and effects. Find weapons that express your personality and play style.
  • Character Progression: Your characters gain persistent power over time, allowing you to find and equip more awesome gear. From prog-rock to hip-hop, build your kit as you build your palette.

Check out the debut trailer below and we’ll be sure to keep you fully updated as to the progress of Soundfall in the weeks and months ahead!

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