Rocket League is already full to the brim with all manner of fancy car, but now we are seeing access to something a little more interesting. Yep, the iconic Jurassic World Jeep is now available for action.

Created to celebrate a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and gamers just wanted to score the fanciest of goals, Rocket League and Jurassic World have combined to see us delivered a new car pack – one which includes a jeep that can out-run the fastest of dinos but is still capable of pulling off the most creative of goal scoring opportunities.

The Jurassic World Jeep is Rocket League’s answer to the latest round of Jurassic-themed madness that is hitting the world, delivering us the chance to channel our inner scientist whilst scoring outrageous goals.

But the £1.59 price attached to the Jurassic World Car Pack doesn’t just bring a bog standard car to the playfield, and included in the price are customisation items that include a massive T. rex Goal Explosion as well. Surely that is worthy of the price tag alone?

If you wish to bring together the best of both the RC soccer world, and the land of the dinosaurs, then you could do worse than get your download in for the Rocket League Jurassic World Car Pack right now.

DLC Description:

“Must go faster!” Celebrate a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth while scoring epoch-worthy goals with the Jurassic Jeep® Wrangler. Also included: themed customization items, including a T. rex Goal Explosion!

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