The time has come for mutants and monsters to join together in the ultimate clash of maniacal carnage on the gridiron as Mutant Football League rocks up on to Xbox Game Preview.

With fantastical arenas full of ruthless and deadly traps, the stage is set for the mayhem to run riot as players fight to win by highest score or eliminating every last opponent – something made easier by utilising “Dirty Tricks” such as “Bribe the Ref” to overturn a call, or have a player become “Ginormous” as you watch them grow in size and pummel any and every puny opponent in their path. In this game broken bones are just the start of the action.

Mutant Football League looks to be the next arcade style successor to the American football games, with inspiration taken from games such as NFL Blitz, whilst bringing plenty of unique gameplay moments through its many bone-crunching, tooth-shattering and head splitting hits, whilst delivering plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour.

With 18 teams made up of wisecracking Skeletal Deadheads, Armoured Bruiserbots, Criminal Aliens, Mutated Humans and Monstrous Orcs, all of which bring the brass knuckles, body slams and rib kicks to ensure there is plenty of opportunity to watch the blood spill, and with multiple punishing game modes that include Playoffs, Full Season and the ultimate glory of the Mayhem Bowl, the competition will be brutal.

If you’re wanting to get in on the action and like to watch body parts explode as the blood splatters, then you can head down to the Microsoft Store now and grab a download of Mutant Football League for the price of £19.99. There is also a free trial version available.

You should however be aware that as an Xbox Game Preview title, Mutant Football League is not a complete game. It is a work in progress and you may therefore see bugs, glitches and issues. It may not ever release as a full game (although that is highly unlikely), but should you jump in now and start to experience everything it brings, at least you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re helping the development team try to shape something special.

Will you be jumping into the latest take on American football, or are you one of those who will prefer to hold off until a full release comes about? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels. We should be seeing a full release some time in 2018.

Game Description:

This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game. Mutants and monsters unleash maniacal carnage on the gridiron in THIS action packed, arcade-style football game. Mutant Football League delivers intense online multiplayer action, deep strategy and deadly humor. Fantastical arenas full of ruthless fans and deadly traps set the stage for mayhem in every contest that allows players to win by highest score or by killing and eradicating their opponents – a feat made easier as teams use their unique [Dirty Tricks] (dirty tricks) such as [Bribe the Ref] (bribe the ref) to overturn a call or having a player become [Ginormous] (ginormous) to grow in size and pummel the puny combatants in their path. Whenever a game begins you’ll quickly discover the only predictable element is broken bones. Mutant Football League (MFL) is the bloody-fun, next-gen, successor to arcade-style American football games, taking inspiration from over-the-top sports games such as NFL Blitz and the Sega Genesis classic, Mutant League Football. Digital Dreams’ MFL game delivers deep strategic 7-on-7 gameplay, with bone-crunching, tooth-shattering, head splitting hits, and a roster of comical ghouls delivering tongue-through-cheek humor. Oh, and blood. Lots of blood. Features of MFL include: – Two player online or four player local MULTIPLAYER gives you the choice to clobber one another or team up and crush opposing miscreants. – Choose from 18 TEAMS made up of blood thirsty, wisecracking Skeletal Deadheads, Armored Bruiserbots, Criminal Aliens, Mutated Humans and Monstrous Orcs. – NBA Jam and NFL Blitz hall of fame commentator, Tim Kitzrow, gives unforgettable, adult-oriented play-by play commentary for every game. – Use Dirty Tricks during game play to Bribe the Ref, throw Bombs, or equip Shotguns and Chainsaws to your players to inflict maximum carnage against the unsuspecting competition for real difference-making moments! – 18 unique fields across the league offer landmines, booby traps, fire pits, toxic moats and buzz saws as fun but deadly obstacles. – Play as MFL All-Stars Wham Neutron, Bomb Shady, Ghoulio Bones, and more who dominate the league with their rising kill counts and ferocious abilities. – Multiple punishing play modes like SINGLE PLAY, PRACTICE, PLAYOFFS, or try to survive a FULL SEASON and reach the ultimate glory: THE MAYHEM BOWL! – Make the most of POST-PLAY MAYHEM by bludgeoning your opponents with brass knuckles, body slams, and rib-crushing kicks after the whistle blows – Exploding body parts, comically horrific deaths, and blood splatters fuel the MFL GORE FX visual experience. Digital Dreams’ MUTANT FOOTBALL LEAGUE™ game is a parody and is NOT licensed by the National Football League or the National Football League Players Association.

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