Mutant Football League Mayhem Bowl

It’s fair to say that the Mayhem Bowl is a pretty big deal for Digital Dreams Entertainment, and with the upcoming final between ‘Nuked London Hatriots’ and ‘Los Scandalous Damned’ almost upon us, the Mutant Football League simulation has predicted the winner. We’ve got the full video replay of the match as well as details regarding new DLC and esports tournaments.

The Mayhem Bowl is Digital Dreams’ take on the actual Super Bowl which features the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. As you’ll see in the Mayhem Bowl LIII prediction footage, Nuked London Hatriots were down by 14 points with less than a minute to go and no timeouts, before star quarterback Bomb Shady led his team to a sixth Mayhem Bowl championship in what was an amazing comeback victory against the ruthless Los Scandalous Damned. Could that mean the Patriots are going to be glorious winners this weekend?

For players who want a real taste of the Super Mayhem Bowl Sunday competition, Digital Dreams Entertainment and Esports Labs are running two Mutant Football League esports tournaments – Mayhem Bowl Massacre and Dynasty King – on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for cash prizes totalling $1,500. (Full details about the tournaments can be found here.)

Mayhem Bowl Massacre – Held on 2nd February, this competitive tournament pits players head-to-head in an especially brutal game mode. With high death index ratings, massacring the opposition is encouraged to eliminate enough players at a given position, forcing the opponent to concede, regardless of score;

Dynasty King – Running for the entire month of February, Dynasty King offers players competition at a relaxed pace, as they become the GM and Coach of their own MFL team, competing against other single-players to build and manage the most profitable franchise. The player with the highest revenue on 28th February will be crowned champion.

To add even more excitement to the Super Mayhem Bowl festivities, players should now be able to purchase the LA Power Pack DLC for $1.99 from their digital stores – check your region for availability. The content includes:

  • Los Scandalous Damned – The Damned have an explosive, high-powered offense and are taking the league by storm. Their Quarterback, Jared Goth passes with demonic precision to the best receiving tandem in the league.
  • Los Scandalous Volts – The Volts are led by All-Star veteran Bloody Rivers, a smart, gutsy Quarterback who’s not afraid to throw the long ball or bash his skull against any defense. While their offense gets most of the acclaim, their defense is stout and can bloody up any offense in the league.
  • Los Scandalous Shake N Bake Arena – Both the Damned and the Volts share the same arena with different earthquake-related hazards. The stadium managed to survive “The Big One,” but is littered with fault line cracks, gaping crevices, and other nasty obstacles.
  • Mutant Cyborgs – Survivors of Monsatan’s dreaded super plague outbreak which ravaged the planet over a century ago, these Mutants are savagely violent but smart by nature. They are solid, dependable players enhanced with cybernetic technology, making them evenly balanced in most skill categories and able to play every position.

To celebrate the upcoming Super Mayhem Bowl Sunday, Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is currently on sale for Xbox One (and other platforms) at a discount of 35% on the Xbox Store. We’ll leave you now to have a gander at the brutal Mutant Football League Mayhem Bowl simulation…


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