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The players have been asking for them and 2K appeared to have delivered with news of online lobbies making a return for WWE 2K20. But that’s not the only thing revealed today as details have also emerged about the changes to MyPLAYER, Road to Glory, and MyPLAYER Towers.

Bringing back the online lobbies will hopefully streamline the process of matching people together to get them into a brawl swiftly. If you have an exact online multiplayer match in mind, then creating a lobby is the way to go as you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of match types and rules for up to six players to get involved. Choose the arena, Superstar gender, and even toggle the restriction to only allow default WWE Superstars to participate. You can also start out proceedings in private mode to invite friends and then open the remaining slots to random folk if you prefer. Once in a lobby together, everyone is able to voice chat as they select Superstars and the lobby creator makes decisions for the match at hand.

Should you be less fussy about what kind of match you want to play, you can browse the lobbies currently available that only need one or two more participants and jump straight in. Alternatively, use the search feature to filter by preference or just select Quick Play to be slotted into ready-to-go matches automatically.

As previously announced, both male and female MyPLAYERS are part of MyCAREER, and now we know this extends to the Road to Glory mode and MyPLAYER Towers as well. You create both male and female MyPLAYER characters with different styles, experience pools, progression trees, and creation part unlocks. This pair of characters can level up and unlock items throughout all three of the aforementioned modes.

Even better is the fact that for the first time ever, any special creation parts you unlock through playing MyCAREER, Road to Glory, and the MyPLAYER Towers are also available in the general Create-a-Superstar mode. To top it off, you can export the appearance of your MyPLAYER out to the general character creations as well. Those familiar with the process of earning stars to enter special pay-per-view events will be glad to know that the Road to Glory events now include female matches for the first time, in addition to male matches.

Many of the challenges presented in the multiplayer aspect will be refreshed daily. For example, the new Tonight’s Match feature in Multiplayer places you in a new match every day that rotates through match types, rules, genders, and arenas to make it simple to try something new. The Road to Glory Featured Match of the day is similar, but also includes Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, and 6-Man (or woman) matches. These will regularly toggle back and forth between male and female matches, so both of your MyPLAYERs will get regular rotation at least.

Also, the Tonight’s Match, Road to Glory Featured Matches, and daily MyPLAYER Tower challenges (single player) will all incorporate elements from the new WWE 2K20 2K Originals post-launch downloadable content, whether you’ve purchased them or not. Hence, when the first DLC WWE 2K20 Originals: Bump in the Night releases, you may see matches taking place in the Wyatt Swamp or Cemetery Brawl arenas. Or you might face FrankenStrowman one day in a MyPLAYER Tower daily challenge. You just never know what kind of 2K Originals content might show up on any given day!

Don’t forget WWE 2K20 is set for a release on 22nd October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Be sure to get in touch and tell us how excited you are for its arrival and what you’re looking forward to the most.

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