Ripstone have already published an extensive catalogue of games, but now they’ve announced that they’re adding a new first-person narrative puzzler to the mix. Can you solve the mystery of The Penrose hotel in The Spectrum Retreat?

Developed by BAFTA Young Game Designer (2016) winner Dan Smith – with the support of Ripstone – The Spectrum Retreat is an upcoming first-person narrative puzzler set in near future, which will see players explore the pristine, but strange hotel, The Penrose, to discover the reasoning behind their seemingly never-ending stay. As a valued guest, your existence is embedded in the corridors and guest rooms, with the striking art-deco playing a key role in uncovering the mysteries within the hotel and the uncertainties surrounding your stay there. The only obstacles will be an array of colour-coded puzzles, mind-bending physic based challenges and the fear of unearthing the truth.

It certainly seems as though there’s an absorbing and mature story to tell in The Spectrum Retreat, with a real depth to the puzzles as well, so we should see an engaging experience emerge upon its release. There’s no specific date for the launch of The Spectrum Retreat, but it will arrive for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC this year.

Will you be booking a stay at the uncanny hotel, The Penrose?

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