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Ever since Doublehit Games announced their upcoming Ghibli-inspired 2D puzzle-platformer Eternal Hope, many have shown a keen interest in learning more about it. Well, if you’re one of those people, the recently released ‘Making Of’ video will certainly be worth a watch.

Eternal Hope is an enchanting 2D puzzle-platformer, clearly inspired by Studio Ghibli, that is not only a thought-provoking story of love and loss mixed with dimension-hopping, but also a testament to what a team of people can accomplish with their eyes – and hearts – when focused on a common goal. The new “Making Of” video aims to showcase the developers passion for the game as well as show you even more of what’s in store.

“We’ve worked tirelessly on every piece of content in Eternal Hope and our passion and dedication shine through every character and every level,” said Gabriel Oliveira, Director and Sound Designer. “All of the pieces of this project tie together, creating an immersive gameplay experience with a compelling and emotional story that will grip players from beginning to end.”

After working on primarily mobile titles, Eternal Hope is a massive jump in both scale and scope for the Doublehit Games team. As the team will explain, game development follows a unique ebb and flow; one that can result in new ideas and new avenues in gameplay. Before the team knew it, Eternal Hope became something wholly new and exciting as it underwent big changes in art direction, gameplay mechanics, and features. After a rework of the game’s protagonist, game physics, and other behind-the-scenes elements, the team found even more ways to add greater diversity and realism to the puzzles and in-game tasks. 

While the Doublehit Games team embraced the many changes along the Eternal Hope development process, the team kept its primary goal in mind: to create a game that is equally immersive as it is beautiful. With that in mind, they also want to produce a game that will capture the hearts of players and leave them thinking about their own poignant life experiences, all tied into a captivating, colourful world full of eerie characters and dazzling environments.

We’re excited to see how Eternal Hope turns out when it launches on Windows PC via Steam on 6th August, with an Xbox One release reportedly coming later in the year. Will you be giving the Eternal Hope ‘Making Of’ video a watch?

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