nacon pro compact controller colorlight

Should you be in the market for a new Xbox controller and want something officially licensed, then the Designed for Xbox Pro Compact controller from NACON is one to consider – particularly if you’re after a smaller than usual pad. Now that Pro Compact comes in some fancy colours, with the Colorlight version running integrated LEDs. 

Available right now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players to consider for purchase are pastel blue, red and blue versions of the NACON Pro Compact controller. It’s a controller we quite like too, having reviewed the original, vanilla flavoured Pro Compact back in 2021. 

But whilst many may jump at the chance to have a red or blue controller in their hands, it’s probably the Pro Compact Colorlight edition which is most interesting. See, this comes with all the usual Pro Compact features – 15% smaller than standard, programmable buttons, customisable settings for sticks and triggers – before throwing in six LEDs for good measure. 

With the inclusion of these LEDs you’ll be able to fully customise the Pro Compact Colorlight, making the most of twenty-five different colours per LED, ensuring there is space to mess around with literally thousands of combinations and effects. 

The key features of the NACON Pro Compact controller include:

  • Standard Mode, for gaming with the classic features of Xbox Wireless Controllers
  • Advanced Mode, for gaming with a customized profile created with the Pro Compact app* available from the Microsoft Store.
  • Technical specifications:
    • • Officially licensed “Designed for Xbox” wired controller
    • • Ergonomic, compact and lightweight structure and shape
    • • Textured surface for superior comfort and maximum grip
    • • Programmable buttons, sticks and triggers
    • • Pro Compact app* available from the Microsoft Store
    • • 3.5mm jack for audio and chat
    • • 3m braided USB cable

You can grab the NACON Pro Compact controller, Designed for Xbox, from NACON right now. The pastel blue, red and blue options will set you back €49.90 or so. The black and white versions cost similar. You can use the controller with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC.

The Colorlight version will be available today too. 

Let us know in the comments if you decide to grab a unit. 

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