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Do you like nothing better than driving in circles? Do you just love the raw power of the NASCAR? You’re in luck as NASCAR 21: Ignition has lined up on the starting grid. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, ahead of the official street date of October 28th, NASCAR 21: Ignition is the latest in the ever increasingly long line of NASCAR titles to make a mark on PC and console. Or at least it is if you decide to chuck your money in early and get a pre-order in. 

Ditching the Heat moniker from years gone by to instead focus on Ignition, NASCAR 21 promises to totally redefine the franchise – with incredible visuals, immersive gameplay and the chance to take things to the very next level. 

It comes with what you would expect, with all the drivers, teams and tracks from the latest 2021 NASCAR Cup Series all in place. From there, broadcast style presentation kicks in, building things up and dragging the player along for the ride. And when you do get behind the wheel, NASCAR 21: Ignition promises to deliver a direct representation of what it is really like to drive these cars. 

The NASCAR Cup Series is in place for you to play through, as is a Career mode which will let you battle for the championship. Throw in online multiplayer (standard for any racer), a new Paint Booth which lets you represent how you fancy, a physics system which is right on point and a whole series of assists present to allow anyone to play, and NASCAR 21: Ignition could well be the best NASCAR title yet. 

Key features include:

  • · Experience the thrill and atmosphere of the NASCAR Cup Series with official cars, drivers and tracks from the 2021 season
  • · New Paint Booth offers unrivalled customization for your paint scheme
  • · Race online with other players for fun or competitively
  • · Incredible visuals and presentation
  • · True to life vehicle physics and handling with a suite of driver assists available
  • · Immersive Career Mode where you can create your NASCAR legacy

We’ll be sure to get our hands on when we can, but you’ll be able to hit the ovals of NASCAR 21: Ignition by heading to the digital store of your choice. The Xbox Store is our favourite and will cover the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S bases, whilst the PS4, PS5 and PC versions can all be obtainable in a similar way. Expect to pay £49.99 or so.

If you’re really down with the scene, it’ll be the Champions Edition of NASCAR 21: Ignition that will mostly appeal. This costs £74.99 but brings the base game with the Season Pass, some Champions Content and a host of extra content. 

Let us know which option you choose and how you get involved in your NASCAR racing fix. 

Game Description:

NASCAR 21: Ignition redefines the official video game of the world’s most popular stock car racing series. With incredible graphics and immersive gameplay, NASCAR 21: Ignition brings a whole new level of authenticity and atmosphere to the NASCAR Cup Series. Complete with official drivers, teams and tracks from the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, the authentic presentation, including broadcast quality pre-race build up and post-race replays, takes you as close to the real thing as you can get. The handling of the car is a direct representation of how it feels to drive one of these incredible machines, complete with updated track packages that represent the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series schedule. This puts you in the heat of the action as the green flag drops, while a full suite of driver assists make the game accessible to new racers. Either dive straight into the action with Race Now, playing as your favorite official driver from the NASCAR Cup Series, or take on the immersive and engaging career mode as you build your reputation in the sport and battle your way toward the championship. A brand-new Paint Booth offers an unrivalled level of customization allowing you to create your own NASCAR Cup Series paint scheme complete with your own iconic race number. Supporting online multiplayer races, you are never far from a race whether that is in a party with your friends or racing with other players from around the world.

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