If there’s one person you’d want behind the storyline of your latest basketball title, then it would be legendary filmmaker and full-on basketball aficionado, Spike Lee. Well, good news, 2K have done just that!

An all-new MyCAREER was always on the cards, but for it to be written and directed by Spike Lee is a bit of a coup, bringing authenticity and innovation to the NBA 2K series. Enabling fans to be the story of an NBA player with drama never before experienced in a sports game, Spike Lee’s resume, not only as the most famous fan of the New York Knicks, but as director for the classic feature film He Got Game and Nike’s Mars Blackmon commercial series, demonstrates his passion for basketball culture and his storytelling ability is obviously second to none!

“Partnering with legendary 2K and Visual Concepts is one of the most unique challenges I’ve had in filmmaking, and allows me to push the boundaries of innovative storytelling,” said Spike Lee. “My hope is fans will feel even more connected to the world of basketball in NBA 2K16.”


But that’s not all as 2K have also dropped details in regards the three covers that will adorn the front of NBA 2K16. Three of the NBA’s top superstars will be making their cover debuts with the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Houston Rockets’ James Harden, and New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis all involved.

Each athlete, from Curry, the NBA’s 2015 Most Valuable Player to Harden, a three time NBA All-Star and Davis, two-time NBA All-Star and NBA block leader who helped lead the New Orleans Pelicans franchise to its first ever playoffs appearance, has thoroughly earned the coveted cover role.

“This season has been an incredible journey for me and my teammates, and being selected as a cover athlete for NBA 2K16 is an amazing way to celebrate this year. It’s a blessing to be named a member of this special group and I am honored.” – Stephen Curry, NBA’s 2015 Most Valuable Player

“Fans had a chance to get a glimpse of what I’m capable of this season, so I’m honored to be recognized as a cover athlete of NBA 2K16. I’ve dreamed of making it since I was a kid, and seeing myself on the cover is an incredible feeling.” – James Harden

“I’ve enjoyed working with 2K the past few years and it’s an honor to be selected for a cover of NBA 2K16. Just thinking about the players who have been on NBA 2K covers before me makes me feel humbled to be in such amazing company.” – Anthony Davis

Visual Concepts and 2k will drop NBA 2K16 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC come September 29th 2015.


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7 years ago

Spike Lee is a racist douchebag

7 years ago

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