tales of arise hootle attachment pack

Got a copy of Tales of Arise to hand and fancy adding in some additional content in order to keep the game fresh? You’d do worse than check out the latest downloadable content offering that is in place – the Hootle Attachment Pack.

Priced at a mere £3.99 and available to add into your base Tales of Arise game right now, the Hootle Attachment Pack is Bandai Namco’s latest attempt to get you back and playing Tales of Arise.

Whilst you may not necessarily need a reason, after all, Tales of Arise is a bit of a stunner, the chance to grab a new Hootle or ten shouldn’t be ignored.

And ten is exactly what you’re going to be getting here as the Tales of Arise: Hootle Attachment Pack adds in that exact number of new Hootle Dolls.

With the base game of Tales of Arise in place, purchasing this DLC pack will see you given access to all of the following Hootle Doll types…

  • Blazing
  • Rose
  • Mage
  • Silver Wolf
  • Impervious
  • Noble
  • Angel
  • Devil
  • Vacation
  • Usurper

Sold? Get yourself over to the Xbox Store – or the storefront of your choosing in fact – and grab the Tales of Arise: Hootle Attachment Pack now. You’ll find Tales of Arise fully playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (next-gen optimised no less), PS4, PS5 and PC.

Let us know in the comments and through the usual social channels if you pick up this DLC. And if these little Hootles don’t float your boat, check out the previous paid and free DLC that has arisen in Tales of Arise. We’re pretty sure that between the base game and the addition of new content, there’s bound to be something for near on all players.

DLC Description:

The Hootle Doll Pack contains 10 different types of Hootle Dolls.

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