need for speed ea access

It was promised and it has now arrived – Need For Speed is now available to play via the Xbox One’s EA Access Vault.

Available to download for absolutely no additional price, as long as you hold an EA Access pass, you can now also get involved in the latest Need For Speed racing action. Joining the likes of Battlefield Hardline, FIFA 16, Dragon Age Inquisition and more, Need For Speed will open its door and allow you to settle in behind its wheel as you take it through its paces, becoming an icon in the urban car culture and open world that is present.

With the likes of Magnus Walker and Ken Block present, and some of the fastest arcade racing you can find on Xbox One, you should be getting involved right now. Just fire up the EA Access App on your Xbox One and navigate to the Vault tab.

If you still need convincing, head over to our full review whist you get your download in. But it’s free, so why the hell do you need convincing?

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