Negan DLC Tekken 7

Presuming you’re still kicking butt in the highly addictive fighting game, how would you like to bolster that roster with a couple of new fighters to master? Well, step forward the charismatic Negan and a series veteran, Julia Chang, as the latest DLC characters preparing for action in Tekken 7.

These new contenders are looking to enter the fighting arena for a scuffle, with The Walking Dead’s very own badass Negan being the most interesting addition. Best known for leading the Saviours and just generally stirring up trouble wherever he goes, Negan isn’t a guy you want to mess with. Disrespecting him or stepping out of line might see his beloved Lucille – a barbed wire covered baseball bat – come out to play. If it’s a brawl you want, he’s ready to bash in a few skulls at any time.

The other new DLC character is a woman who made her series debut way back in Tekken 3 – Julia Chang. Having retired her masked alter-ego Jaycee, Julia went back to expanding upon her efforts on reforestation around the world, leaving the fighting scene behind. Now though, money has run out and she’s back for one last fight to acquire the funding required for a project, hoping that the global attention garnered from a big win will help secure it. No one should underestimate her skills in the arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Baji Quan, that’s for sure.

Both of the playable DLC are available as part of the Tekken 7 Season Pass 2, but if you haven’t purchased that then down worry because Negan and Julia Chang can be bought separately too. Julia can be added to your roster for £4.79, whilst Negan is a little pricier at £6.39, both of which are out now on Xbox One via the Xbox Store. Those of you playing on PlayStation 4 or PC will have to visit your own respective store.

And if you want to know more about the game itself, then our full review of Tekken 7 can be found right here.

Negan DLC Description:

Negan, The Walking Dead’s charismatic villain and leader of the Saviors, joins the battle! With Lucille in hand, he metes out punishment to those who would disturb his new world order.

Julia Chang DLC Description:

Julia Chang, top spokeswoman for her great reforestation program, has joined the fray! Dazzle and overwhelm your opponents with her powerful fighting style based on Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Baji Quan!

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