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It’s hard to believe that it was way back in 2018 when Bandai Namco pushed out Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker to the masses. It’s even harder to believe that they are still ensuring it stays fresh with multiple DLC packs. But it is, and once again we see a new Master Trainer arrive in game to provide players with many new opportunities and Techniques – all thanks to the NTBSS: Master Character Training Pack – Neji Hyuga DLC.

Available to purchase, download and add into your Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker experience right now is Neji Hyuga. The latest Master Trainer to arrive in game, Neji Hyuga is one that you won’t want to miss either, with new Ninjutsu, new Techniques, new Avatar Parts and additional lobby content all in place. 

For a mere £3.49 there is a DLC drop that is more than worthy of your time. And should you decide you wish to learn from the best, will discover that Neji Hyuga is more than happy to provide the learnings you require. 

Present in this pack are two defensive Ninjutsu moves – the Gentle Fist Technique: Body Blow and the 8 Trigrams Hazan Strike – along with a further Technique which is the 8 Trigrams 128 Palms. 

But it’s not just about the moves and the Neji Hyuga Training Pack also drops a new costume in the form of the Neji Hyuga Outfit (Jonin Ver.), three Avatar Parts – Hair (Neji Hyuga, Jonin Ver.), for male/female avatars; Hair (Neji Hyuga, Jonin Ver.—No Headband), for male/female avatars; Face Paint: Curse Seal – AND a Lobby Action and Honorary Title. 

Should you have the base game to hand, are a fan of what Shinobi Striker provides and are looking to get one-up with help from an utter Master then grabbing the NTBSS: Master Character Training Pack – Neji Hyuga DLC from your favoured digital store should be a matter of urgency. The Xbox Store is our favourite.

Let us know in the comments if you grab it. If this one isn’t for you, there’s a host of other great content for the game also available.

DLC Description:

Once you have downloaded this content, you can set a new master by going to Hidden Leaf Village in the online lobby followed by the Ninjutsu Library. A special training pack for your avatar! As you train with Neji Hyuga, you will acquire Training Points that can be used to unlock a variety of Ninjutsu and costumes for your avatar!

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