thehunter call of the wild weapons pack 2

It was back in 2017 when we first had the opportunity to hit the plains of the Pacific Northwest and the Hirschfelden hunting reserve in theHunter: Call of the Wild. Since that time we’ve been treated to a number of new content packs, plus the addition of a full-on 2019 Edition. But it seems like the content drops are never ending and today we see a new piece of DLC hit the game on Xbox One.

The theHunter: Call of the Wild – Weapon Pack 2 on Xbox One pretty much does as it says on the tin, following on from the Weapon Pack 1 and adding in a brand new shipment of weaponry to the game.

Priced up at just £2.79, the wardens of theHunter: Call of the Wild are treating us to a trio of guns that deliver a combination of new world finesse, alongside old-school reliability, with the Grelck Drilling Gun, the Solokhin MN1890 and the Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver all ready for use.

It is the first of these, the Grelck Drilling Gun that will allow for an ease in hunting in terms of waterfowl, red deer or moose, with the three-barreled gun sporting two shotgun barrels side-by-side – it is basically a shotgun teamed up with a rifle.

The Solokhuin MN1890 meanwhile is a combat tested rifle that is perfect for taking down those targets from a decent range away; perfect for those looking for reliability in any situation.

And finally we get to the Colt Revolver and the Mangiafico 410 / 45 is a small handgun suitable for the short range shooter in all of us. Want to take down a simple rabbit or duck? This is the gun for you – especially so seeing as it comes in a number of colour varieties.

Should you have the base game of theHunter: Call of the Wild to hand and wish to find another reason to drop back into the hunt, then the Weapon Pack 2 is sure to find a place in your life. Get over to the Xbox Store, pay the measly £2.79 required and prepare for the hunt of your life, with the best weapons available.

DLC Description:

A brand new shipment of weapons has just been delivered to our wardens, and they’re excited to present an incredible combination of new world finesse and old-school reliability with the Grelck Drilling Gun, the Solokhin MN1890 and the Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver. Grelck Drilling Gun: Versatile and elegant, this three-barreled combination gun sports two side-by-side 16 gauge shotgun barrels atop a single rifle barrel chambered for the powerful 9.3x74R big game cartridge. If you’re hunting waterfowl and happen to find a moose, or stalking red deer and stumble upon a goose, this gun has you covered. Versatility: A shotgun and rifle wrapped up in one, the Grelck Drilling Gun allows you to quickly swap between the 16 gauge barrels and the 9.3x74R to maximize your chances of downing the spotted animal. Utilize the 16 gauge birdshot, buckshot and slug to down small-to-medium sized animals, or switch over to either the Soft Point of Polymer Tip for the 9.3x74R to handle larger and more dangerous game. Falcon 3-9×44 Drilling Scope: Quickly dial in your shots from a distance with this premium, custom-made scope for the Grelck Drilling Gun. Weatherproof and built to withstand shot after shot of high-powered cartridges and shells, this scope covers has you covered for most hunting situations. Classic, Select and Carbon Fiber Colour Variations: The Grelck Drilling Gun comes in three different different color variations: Classic, Select and Carbon Fiber Solokhin MN1890: The Solokhin MN1890 is a combat-tested rifle that has left its mark on the pages of history books across the world. Tested in harsh environments, weathered by over a century of use, and a great hunting companion to this day, the Solokhin MN1890 is bolt-action reliability perfected. Capable of hitting targets at vast ranges, with a well-deserved notoriety for deadly penetration, this is a rifle to swear by. Range and Power: The Solokhin MN1890 is renowned for its reliability in any situation, offering a powerful weapon designed to take on medium-sized targets from an impressive distance. With a maximum range of about 550m and a 5-shot magazine capacity, the medium recoil is offset by the high target penetration. Combine with the Ascent, Hyperion, or Argus rifle scope, and you will be a hunter to be reckoned with. Assembly Line, Frontline, and Defense Line Colour Variations: The Solokhin MN1890 comes in three different different color variations: Assembly Line, Frontline, and Defense Line Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver: This sleek, modern revolver is the ideal companion for hunters looking for versatility at short distances. Load with .410 shotshells for hunting small game and waterfowl or with .45 Long Colt for species such as roe deer and springbok. A small handgun for all small game. Optimal for Small to Medium Targets: The .45 Cold hard-cast bullet is both powerful and accurate, making it especially suitable for small to medium-sized game at close range. The .410 gauge shell, on the other hand, is advantageous for rapid short-range shooting, aimed at small, fast-moving targets such as rabbits and ducks. With its flexibility and small size, the Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver offers the huntings variety of our bows at a fraction of the cost. Polished Steel, Muertos and Flat Black Colour Variations: The Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver comes in three different different color variations: Polished Steel, Muertos and Flat Black.

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