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We love free content and one of the games that has been found delivering that the most is Milestone’s RIDE 3. In fact, since launch back in November 2018, it is a game that has been hit with a slew of new content packs, both of the paid and free variety. Today though it’s all about the freebies and the RIDE 3 – Free Pack 10 is here to deliver the goods.

Available to download into your game right now, the RIDE 3 – Free Pack 10 is the latest free addition to the motorcycling brilliance that hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC last year. And whilst you’ll obviously have to have the base game to hand prior to even worrying about this content, should you be one who can’t get enough of screaming down the fastest of straights and love getting your knee down in the corners, this will be hugely appealing.

The Free Pack 10 brings another monster of a machine – the Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore from 2008 – before dropping out a new Volume of 5 brilliant events. That ensures the content just never stops hitting RIDE 3 and even though the base game was pretty damn chocka with events, the 50 new ones that have come about via the numerous Free Packs shouldn’t be ignored.

So, if you fancy some more action and reckon grabbing the leathers is the way to go then heading to a digital store near you is the best course of action. For us Xbox One racers then that obviously means the Xbox Store needs visiting. Hop on over there and pick up this latest free content pack right now.

DLC Description:

Download now and expand your racing experience! This package contains: – Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore (2008) – 1 Volume with 5 new events What are you waiting for? Continue your adventure with RIDE 3.

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