There’s a new Mortal Kombat fan film on the block and it’s not just content with winning an award, it also wants to take your soul!

Okay, maybe not literally, but Mortal Kombat: Fates Beginning has certainly made its way into the world to capture the mind of the series’ many fans. To do so, the writer and director Chris Barcia has gone back to the origins, by basing it on the original Mortal Kombat arcade game and film. There’s a tournament on the horizon, hosted by the evil Shang Tsung, with some of the realms’ greatest fighters taking part in the hope of claiming a flawless victory for their own realm.


Films of this scale, fan-made ones, can often be hit and miss; however there are a number of positive factors working in favour of Mortal Kombat: Fates Beginning, none less than winning the best Mortal Kombat film award at the Urban Action Showcase 2015 film festival. Having a Mortal Kombat veteran in Daniel Pesina – who played Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub Zero and more in the first two arcade games – on board as Shang Tsung, adds a level of authenticity to proceedings. You can expect to see a whole host of the classic characters being portrayed in this film such as Raiden (Richard Lounello) Sonya Blade (Irina Gorovaia), Scorpion (Johnny Alicea), Johnny Cage (Basil Masters), Liu Kang (Immanuel Chang) and the guy everyone loves to hate, Kano (Damien Colletti).

Given the short timescale on which this film was shot, it has turned out rather darn well with a few really cool moments involving the character’s signature moves. After watching Mortal Kombat: Fates Beginning, I’ve come to the conclusion we’re in need of another feature film, but for now this fills that void greatly. Don’t let me be the sole judge though, have a watch for yourself below…

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Bas Bastiaans
Bas Bastiaans
4 years ago

Horrible. Haven’t dug in the mk background like Kevin Tancharoen did. MK rebirth was shot on a minimal budget and it was a zillion times better. Shirai Raju? Come on.. Ryu is pronounced Rieju…

Bruce Acosta
Bruce Acosta
6 years ago

The cast don’t look like their counterparts, but the films fight scenes were rush a bit and it have been done better, but fans have their chance to see Daniel Pesina back in the Mortal Kombat series playing the evil Shang Tsung.
The special effects are weak, the editing was way over and the acting is over the place. The movie won the award for the short film. Mortal Kombat Fates Beginning suffers from all the lack as it is the short film for all of the fans.

J Birks
Reply to  Bruce Acosta
6 years ago

I personally think you’re being a little over critical if you don’t mind me saying. This doesn’t have a hollywood budget but what it does have it certainly makes the best of. It’s an enjoyable and cool short film by someone who loves the MK world.

Damien Colletti
7 years ago

Cheers an thanks for the bloody Review mate!