EA Sports have announced the new features for the FIFA 17 Career Mode, features that they believe will add an extra level of depth to the overall experience.

Total Club Management

Each team has a unique personality and this will dictate the goals and objectives you’ll need to work towards, both long and short term, in order to achieve success at your club. The board’s priorities will be split up into five areas – Domestic Success, Continental Success, Brand Exposure, Financial and Youth Development. Some examples of objects you’ll be given are to promote youth players, return to the top division or even to expand a club’s brand in Asia. Achieving your objectives can ensure your popularity rating as a manager stays on target.

Total Club Management aims to keep the career experience fresh season after season.


Financial System

A far more detailed breakdown of income garnered from transfers, loans, match-day revenue, media and merchandise. On the expenditure side you’ll get to see where all the money is going, how much is spent on player and scout wages, youth facilities, stadium maintenance and travel. All this will help to keep your finances in check.


Powered by the newly introduced Frostbite engine on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, the managers on the touchline are going to be brought to life for the first time. There’ll be a choice of 11 high-res coaches to pick from to occupy the touchline during the gameplay.

New League

Last but not least is the inclusion of the Japan J1 League as one of the leagues you’ll be able to compete in for FIFA 17’s Career Mode.


FIFA 17 will be available in North America on September 27th and worldwide on September 29th for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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