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Tales of Arise is a very impressive addition to the ‘Tales of…’ franchise. In fact, when it released just a few weeks back we spoke of how it delivered a deep narrative, some action-packed combat and a ton of variety in the enemies. We also found it to be just about a decent challenge, but if you were one of the few who disagreed then Bandai Namco have got your back with the launch of 2 new content packs for the game – a free one which lets you amend the difficulty like never before, and a paid option that works in a bit of a Sword Art Online crossover. 

Any new content for any new game is always an appreciated effort from where we sit it, but when that content is free and allows for a different range of player to get involved, it comes even more gratefully received. 

That’s the case with the first of the two DLC drops for Tales of Arise today – the free to download Additional Difficulty Pack. Doing as it says on the tin, downloading this and adding it into your Tales of Arise base game will allow you the chance to amend the difficulty settings; running either an ‘Unknown Difficulty Level’ or – and we reckon they’ve put this in for us alone – the Very Easy Difficulty. 

The question is, which will you be using to power your Tales of Arise?

But that’s not all and whilst freebies are great, premium content packs are just as well received – especially when they crossover games. 

The Tales of Arise – SAO Collaboration Pack does just that, adding in Kirito and Asuna costumes straight out of the Sword Art Online: Alicization stable, along with an additional special quest. This will set you back £12.99 but includes all of the following…

  • • Alphen – [Costume] Black Swordsman’s Coat – [Hairstyle] Black Swordsman’s Hair
  • • Shionne – [Costume] Goddess Attire – [Hairstyle] Noble Ponytail
  • • Law – [Costume] Trainee Uniform – [Hairstyle] Ashen Trainee Hair
  • • Centoria Trainee Fight – The Centoria Trainee Fight is available at the Training Grounds.

Obviously it goes without saying that in order to enjoy either content update, you’ll need a copy of the base game of Tales of Arise to hand first. That’s available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (fully optimised), PS4, PS5 and PC. 

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