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The world of Cities: Skylines has allowed many opportunities. See, we’ve already been able to visit the wonders of Parklife, ensure that our Green Cities cater for all citizens, marvel at the powers of the Mass Transit System, and even take in multiple Natural Disasters or enjoy the cool Snowfall air. Today though we see more options hit home, with a triple showing of paid and free DLC packs enabling Cities: Skylines players the chance to harness their industries, listen in on the most far-out radio station so far, or even just take a trip to the local panda zoo!

Available to download into your Cities: Skylines game right now, we find the Industries and Synthetic Dawn Radio premium content additions accompanied by the free love found in the Pearls from the East. And no matter what you are looking for within your Cities experience, these bring a whole host of choice.

So, kicking off with the paid options and it is the Industries pack for £12.49 which is the biggest and baddest of the add-ons. And it is this which will allow you to fully customise the industries in your cities, dealing with a variety of resource types, production chains and the chance to mess around with mail.

From there, the £3.29 Synthetic Dawn Radio station brings the musical melodies to Skylines, with no less than 16 original tunes covering a number of genres. If you have ever found yourself wanting to listen in to see some sick beats from 80s Electro, Vocoding Electro, Breakbeats and Futuristic Synths, then what DJ Jess Slater brings via this new radio station will certainly sort you out. 

And then we get on to the freebie for the week and Cities: Skylines Pearls from the East brings some real style to proceedings. Inspired by the Far East and Chinese architecture, Pearls from the East delivers new attractions and buildings, like the Shanghai Pearl Tower, a Chinese Temple and, most excitedly, the Panda Zoo. Surely you can’t turn down a Panda Zoo?

Full descriptions of each of the latest packs to hit Cities: Skylines are listed below, along with links which will shoot you across to the relevant section of the Xbox Store. Make sure you give them a little hit, and if you wish to know more about the base game of Cities: Skylines on Xbox One, our full review really should be taken in.

Industries Description:

Players can customize their industrial areas with supply chains for the four different resource types and unique factories. Well managed industry areas will level up and become more efficient. Aside from production chains, there is a new city service for handling mail and the cargo airport eases import and export of factory goods.

Pearls from the East Description:

Pearls from the East will bring a splash of style to your city, inspired by Chinese architecture and design! Give your residents some new attractions (and pandas!) to visit with three original buildings, each ready to become a unique part of your skyline. The DLC will include: Shanghai Pearl Tower Panda Zoo Chinese Temple

Synthetic Dawn Radio Description:

Get in the groove with some stellar tunes from Synthetic Dawn, the most far-out radio station to land in Cities: Skylines, ever! This channel features 16 original new songs, both instrumental and vocal jams, spanning four unique genres: 80s Electro, Vocoding Electro, Breakbeats and Futuristic Synths. Tune in and zone out as synth-spin master DJ Jessica Statler brings the funk to Synthetic Dawn Radio.

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