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We’ve had the opportunity to explore everything ONE PIECE World Seeker has to hold for a good few months now, but like any good tale, there is always more to come. Today we see that arrive in the form of some free and paid DLC which you won’t want to miss.

Available to purchase and add into your game right now are some lovely content packs that not only let you customise things to your liking, but are ready to send you off on an altogether new adventure with a new playable character. Oh, and there’s the chance to listen in to some of the best tunes the game can provide too.

There are three new pieces of content to worry ONE PIECE fans about, and the first of these is a cheap and cheerful new outfit. The Treasure Hunting outfit is a free download which will let you wear Luffy’s treasure hunting outfit from this year’s “One Piece Stampede”, all as you adventure on Prison Island.

Further to that though are a couple of paid premium add-ons with the main event setting you back £7.99. The Extra Episode 1: Void Mirror Prototype for ONE PIECE World Seeker gives you the chance to play through things as Zoro as he takes the stage as a new playable character in this special extra episode. In it we’ll see Zoro going after Issac, but then ultimately ending up somewhere else due to his terrible sense of direction. Expect to discover an underlying plot and find out if the ultimate technology wins out against ultimate sword techniques!

There will be plenty of secrets to discover in “the Factory” and the chance to give chase to a new boss character – KAGERO – too. If you wish to see this extra episode added into our game then paying the Xbox Store a visit and splashing the £7.99 required is the way to go. Alternatively, you’ll discover it is part of the £24.99 Episode Pass which currently adds a few new costumes in for good measure too.

And then that gets us on to another paid piece of content – the ONE PIECE World Seeker AniSong Pack for £14.99. As the title suggests, this gives us a number of tunes to listen to as we play through the game, including that of the main theme song to ONE PIECE. In place in this pack, and ready to casually play along in the background are:

  • We Are!/Hiroshi KITADANI
  • Believe/Folder 5
  • Hikari E/The Babystars
  • Kokoro no Chizu/BOYSTYLE
  • We Are! & Straw Hat Pirates Ver./7 Straw Hat Pirate Crew
  • Jungle P/5050
  • We Go!/Hiroshi KITADANI
  • Wake up!/AAA
  • We Can!/Kishidan & Hiroshi Kitadani
  • Dear friends/TRIPLANE
  • Horizon Knot/TRIPLANE
  • Family/7 Straw Hat Pirate Crew

In order to enjoy what the latest ONE PIECE World Seeker content delivers you will have to have the base game available to play. That released back in March 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Let us know if you’ll be grabbing any of these new bits.

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