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The arrival of GRIP into the gaming racing scene was one of much interest, but until the Big Ass Update hit home post-launch, it didn’t really manage to ignite the enthusiasm of gamers. But since then things have changed, with the Game rolling into Xbox Game Pass and a slew of new content packs arriving for download consideration. And today we see another set of DLC options hit, with both free and paid opportunities available.

Available to purchase and download into your GRIP Combat Racing game right now are the third set of Garage Kits. Running as a cheap paid content add-on is the case with most of these additions, as you get the chance to add in new skins to your garage, giving chance to customise your vehicles like never before.

The full set of these new skins can be obtained by purchasing the Garage Bundle Pack 3 from the Xbox Store for £3.99, however should you be taken in by just one of the new car types will find each also available for just £1.69 – well, at least 4 of the 5 new additions come in at that price. See, the final option, the stunning looking Pariah Garage Kit is a free download, and so getting hold of this one should be seriously considered.

If you prefer what the third generation Cygon, Nyvoss, Terra or Vintek garage kits bring though, then that low asking price still makes them a more than worthy option – particularly with the base game free to play via Xbox Game Pass.

Should you wish to know more about GRIP Combat Racing on Xbox One prior to heading in with a download then our full review is here and ready to be perused. Just be aware that since the arrival of that Big Ass Update, things have changed somewhat – mostly for the better.

Will you be picking up any of these new skins? Do you adore GRIP? Let us know.

DLC Description:

Collect all Garage Kit 3 content for one price. Contains the 3rd Cygon, Pariah, Nyvoss, Terra and Vintek garage kits. You won’t need to choose which car to make into your ultimate ride!

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