Are you ready to try and protect the light from the shadows that creep into the console realm of TERA? The latest free update for the game is now here.

Deathwrack is available right now for TERA players on Xbox One and PS4 to enjoy. A free update, it sees you given the chance to defend the world of TERA from the dark god Lakan as he emerges from the darkness to bring the terror.

In doing so you’ll get access to new dungeons, rare, collectable Misery and Deathwrack gear sets, Guild vs. Guild PVP battles, customizable skill chains, and skill updates for the Warrior class. And it is these new dungeons that will test any player’s abilities, providing a thrilling challenge like never before.

Deathwrack Update Key Features Include:

  • All New Dungeons: Test your skills in Velik’s Hold against the dark god Lakan, protecting the realm from him as he emerges from the shadows to enact his revenge. The added dungeons in this update include: Velik’s Hold, Bathysmal Rise, Demokron Factory (rebalanced), Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
  • Guild vs. Guild Battles: Guilds can now engage in worldwide, 24-hour battles against up to three guilds at once. Choose your opponents wisely…
  • Update Skills: Not only will the Warrior class receive a skills update, but rebalanced and upgraded skills, new UI elements, and some surprises will arrive with this latest update.
  • Customizable Skill Chains: As players activate a new skill, they will now be able to choose the next skill that pops up in the chain, instead of being given a random skill. Players can create their own chains or adjust existing ones.
  • Looking for Group Tool: Players wanting to customize their groups can now post details in the new Looking for Group tool. Detail requirements or desired composition, rather than leaving it up to chance or guildmates!

When the dark god Lakan emerges to enact his revenge, there is just one thing to worry about… protecting the realm from darkness in Velik’s Hold!

Will you be giving the Deathwrack update a look? Let us know in the comments below.

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