the surge 2 jcpd gear pack

In The Surge 2 you will need all the help you can possibly get, fighting back against both man and machine in an attempt to survive the devastation found in Jericho City. And so that is where the latest DLC drop for the game comes in, with the JCPD Gear Pack arriving for free.

Available to all those who have The Surge 2 sitting in their gaming library, the JCPD Gear Pack comes about at zero cost, making it all the more enticing – and a bit of a no-brainer – to download.

Whilst you will obviously need the base game of The Surge 2 to hand – on Xbox One, PS4 or PC matters little – once you do have that in place and have found yourself frequenting the streets of Jericho City, will discover that this pack is one you may well wish to rely on. And it just so happens that you’ll look a total badass whilst wearing it.

Coming in for free, the JCPD Gear Pack will help you go about taking on the brutality found in The Surge 2, all by providing an all-new armor set and 4 rather unique implants to enjoy.

Should you be looking to unleash fury on your foes then the official JCPD Team Zola armor will more than help you out, providing some stamina-based bonuses and helping you go about your limb-removing ways.

And whilst that armor set itself will be a massive help when confronted with monstrosities, the included implants won’t go amiss either. There are 4 of these in total with the following helping you on your way…

  • The “Drop Tech Scrap Regenerator” implant
  • The “Omni-Cell Battery Converter” implant
  • The “Physical Aggression Stabilizer” implant
  • The “Energized Material Converter” implant

With an utterly unforgiving world ahead of you in The Surge, any help is a hugely appreciated one, and when that help comes along for free, you should really be found embracing it at the earliest opportunity. In order to do just that with The Surge 2 JCPD Gear Pack, you’ll just need to mosey on over to your favoured digital store and hit the download button. For us it’ll be the Xbox Store giving up the goods, but those on other formats should be just as well catered for.

Let us know how it goes with your new gear attached. The comments section is below.

DLC Description:

Expand your The Surge 2 experience with the JCPD Gear Pack and get access to 1 brand new armor set and 4 new unique implants. Unleash fury upon your enemies with the official JCPD Team Zola armor thanks to its stamina-oriented set bonuses. Find the enemies that equip the set, cut the various parts off and equip them for yourself in your fight for Jericho City!

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