ride 4 bonus pack 6

We’ve been treated to some Italian style, we’ve taken a trip to Daytona, USA and we’ve soaked up the Valencian sun. Today though RIDE 4 expands once more with even more free content in the form of the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 06, a pack that whisks us off to Ulster. 

Available to download free of charge, adding to the already huge amount of DLC that is available for the game, the RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 06 sees us able to show off our skills at the Dundrod Circuit in Ulster. The Ulster Grand Prix takes place on closed public roads, and lets riders get involved in one  of the fastest road races in the world – and now thanks to Milestone Studios pushing out even more free content for their RIDE 4 title, gamers can enjoy the thrills found within. 

With a copy of the base game of RIDE 4 in place, heading to your favourite digital store – the Xbox Store for us – will see you able to download the latest content for free, with it not just providing access to the Ulster GP circuit itself but five additional events as well. 

As always though, if this isn’t the DLC you are looking for, then RIDE 4 covers many other bases. There are obviously the other free DLC packs – Pack 01, Pack 02, Pack 03, Pack 04 and Pack 05 – but then also some paid options, most notably in the form of the Superbikes 2000 content and that of the Sportbike pack

Let us know what you decide to pick up! And if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of RIDE 4 itself then you really should. Our full review of the game on Xbox is right here and will let you know why we think it’s one of the very best motorcycle racing titles available on console. But hey, RIDE 3

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