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American Fugitive on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC is already well known for providing a top-down open-world sandbox experience that is well worth taking in. Now though it’s time for the development team at Fallen Tree Games, and their publishers Curve Digital, to declare a State of Emergency, as all-new, totally free, DLC gears up to arrive.

Come November 25th 2019, American Fugitive on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC will usher in the arrival of a new update for the game, with the State of Emergency dropping new content for zero price.

You see, as crime levels rise in Redrock County, the army has been forced into action. The former plastic toys factory has been commandeered as a makeshift operating base and military vehicles and weapons have been deployed in an attempt to control the criminal element wreaking havoc in town. Basically put, this is war.

And what a war it is as American Fugitive: State of Emergency cranks up the chaos, featuring; destructive chaotic weaponry, devastating military vehicles, a brand new star rating, 10 new challenges AND 3 new achievements/trophies. If you are looking for something that will fully test your mettle, then this – and the new NPC ‘Sarge’ – promise to do it.

State of Emergency will also see you hitting the road in a military-grade Westmoreland Tank, go off-roading in an army 4×4 jeep, or take your new arsenal on foot blasting your enemies with a bazooka and wielding the destructive power of the mini-gun. But it’s not just about the content and the free update also includes 3 new achievements/trophies to unlock, as well as 3 new additions to the runaway soundtrack!

If you haven’t yet stepped foot in 1980s middle-America with American Fugitive then our full review of the game on Xbox One will provide you with all the details you need to know. We highly advise you give it a shot, and with the free State of Emergency offering arriving on the 25th November, it promises to deliver even more action.

Let us know what you think though.The trailer for all the madness is down below. Give it a watch and hit us up in the comments.

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