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Inspired by Peggle, Roundguard was always going to be a game that would appeal. And for the most part, it delivered the goods when it arrived on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch back in May 2020. Now though it promises to be even better with the new free Treasure Hunter update that has rolled out.

Our full review of Roundguard on Xbox One should be taken in if you are looking to know more about it, but basically put, it’s a rather damn decent Peggle-inspired roguelike dungeon crawler that comes with multiple twists, turns and surprises. The free Treasure Hunter Update added to that, delivering new game modes, a new enemy and more unlockable rewards.

The new modes come in the form of Daily Puzzle and Weekly Run – both of which should add in ongoing surprises and content to the game. In the Daily Puzzle, there’s a unique bite-sized challenge that is delivered every day with a game-changing twist, like “No gravity,” “Poison is permanent,” or “Defeat the room in two turns or die!”. But then, for a tougher challenge, Weekly Run adds an extra set of twisted rules and a new 45 floor dungeon every week. This dungeon will be the same for all players, allowing for true head-to-head competition on the leaderboards.

“We’ve heard from our players that Roundguard is a perfect game to relax with as a part of their daily wind-down,” said Andrea Roberts of Wonderbelly Games. “With the new Daily Puzzle and Weekly Run modes, we wanted to give you fun surprises and something new to try every day.”

“As we added these new rule twists, we learned new things about the game ourselves — and we’ve been playing for three years!” said Roberts. “These new game modes shine a spotlight on mechanics you might have overlooked and help you hone your strategy.”

Claiming victory over these new challenges will see you well rewarded in the form of new relics and further rewards. Each relic gives you the power to customize the rules of the game so you can experiment with the best combos and reach even greater heights for treasure hunting. You’ll need to be on your guard though as this update also brings in a new enemy, something that our review cried out for – The Treasure Chest Mimic.

New features of Roundguard include:

  • Daily Puzzle Mode
  • Weekly Run Mode
  • New relics and rewards
  • New enemy: The Treasure Hunter Mimic

The Treasure Hunter update is live right now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade. If you haven’t yet checked out the most bouncy of dungeon crawlers then now seems like as good a time as any. The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download of the game on Xbox One.

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