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Nearly a year has passed since we first heard of the upcoming arrival of Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms on Xbox One and PC, with a 2019 release date hoped for. That was obviously missed but today we see the teams at All in! Games and Gamera Interactive delivering a brand new gameplay trailer, one that allows us to see how the skill-based combat and CRPG world of Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms will play out.

An ARPG created with the narrative support of RPG veteran Chris Avellone, Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms, is now set to hit Xbox One and PC later in 2020, providing access to a vibrant fantasy world, fast-paced action, a super deep narrative and new ARPG dynamics which have all been inspired by the great classics and the more modern masterpieces.

Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms will come to Xbox One and PC in the form of a high-fantasy RPG that is set in a dark world inspired by the darkest period of The Middle Ages. Telling the tale of great warriors and epic fights, players will take on the roles of the mightiest heroes (or villains), before undertaking quests, building reputations, and gaining ancient relics and secrets that will allow them to triumph.

With additional game modes activiated after the first playthrough is complete, providing even more exploration of the kingdoms, Alaloth certainly looks an intriguing affair; one that is filled with magic and blood!

If you have 10 minutes to spare then the gameplay commentary video below features an in-depth look at the upcoming skill-based isometric action RPG, as we’ll be able to explore the creation area to pick your Kingdom, race-specific skills, fighting style, house, alignment, deity, and of course name and appearance. From there, a short hop and jump to the capital city of Goldport will allow the chance to catch up on news, pick up new quests, and purchase wares to help you on your journey, all as the map overview sets out the very first quest. From there, the world is your oyster…

Features of Alaloth – Champion of the Four Kingdoms will include:

  • Master a unique, hardcore combat system.
  • Customize your character by choosing different Ways of Power, classes, and skills.
  • Explore, craft, gain reputation, and unlock new quests.
  • Choose one of 4 playable races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs), 40+ houses and clans to fight for, each with their own history.
  • Start your own legacy in The Four Kingdoms after the first playthrough.
  • 12 memorable companions with their own backstories, ready to join or fight you during your journey.
  • World, lore, and character backstories created in collaboration with RPG veteran Chris Avellone.

Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms is planned for release on Steam and Xbox One in 2020. We’ll be sure to keep you as updated as possible in the weeks and months ahead.

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