It may not be 2018 yet and therefore there is still some time to go before we ever get a proper look at Exzore: The Rising, Tiny Shark Interactive’s open world RPG, but today the team have released a new trailer for the game. It’s well worth a look.

Due for arrival on Xbox One, PS4 and PC once 2018 is with us, Exzore: The Rising will place you in the medieval world of Eogaan, before dropping you into the shoes of Damien Clive, a former commander of the Exzore army unit.

As Clive, you’ll need to emerge from the ashes of betrayal, all as you seek retribution and try to regain honor. You can expect the story to unfold as you interact with, not just the different factions found on Eogaan, but with the world itself. It’ll all be held together via a unique Affinity system whilst an extensive combat system has been promised, and should allow a wide range of attack and ability combos to be fired out.

If Exzore: The Rising is something that takes your fancy, then you could do worse then hit up the Hero Reveal trailer below. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Jon Harvey
Jon Harvey
5 years ago

Always pleased when a new RPG gets announced for Xbox. Can’t get enough good Role Playing Games is my opinion!