f1 2020 keep fighting dlc

He’s one of, if not THE, greatest of all F1 drivers, and the video game version of F1 2020 has already pushed out multiple pieces of Michael Schumacher inspired content. Today though comes more, with the Keep Fighting Foundation DLC delivering a host of new cosmetic options.

Created with the Keep Fighting Foundation in mind, a non-profit initiative that celebrates Schumacher’s ‘keep fighting’ and ‘never give up’ attitudes, this latest DLC pack for F1 2020 will help continue the charitable work that Michael started. All proceeds from the sale of the Keep Fighting Foundation pack in F1 2020 will go directly to the Foundation allowing another way for Codemasters, and players, to help out. 

Costing £4.99, the F1 2020 Keep Fighting Foundation pack will deliver a set of stunning liveried kit your way, with all of the following present…

  • • Keep Fighting Foundation Special Car livery
  • • Keep Fighting Foundation Special Podium Emote Celebration
  • • Keep Fighting Foundation Special Helmet
  • • Keep Fighting Foundation Special Suit
  • • Keep Fighting Foundation Special Gloves
  • • Keep Fighting Foundation Special Badge

“It was an honour for the studio to focus on Michael’s record-breaking F1® career for the F1® 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition,” said Lee Mather, F1® Franchise Game Director at Codemasters. “We are equally proud to support the Keep Fighting Foundation. Many of our players regard Michael as the greatest of all time, and we know the exclusive items will prove incredibly popular.”

In order to have these added to your game, you’ll obviously need the base game of F1 2020 to hand first – whether that be on Xbox One, PS4 or PC. From there your usual digital store of choice will be able to do the rest, providing full access to the Keep Fighting Foundation DLC.

Of course, you could also grab the other Michael Schumacher inspired content that is available for F1 2020 too. The Deluxe Schumacher Edition is the best way of doing this, but for those who already have F1 2020 in Standard form, the Schumacher Edition DLC is also available for the taking. Let us know in the comments if you decide to grab this DLC pack.

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