king of seas monster update

King of Seas may not have quite gone down as well as Team17 and 3DClouds had hoped when it launched earlier in the year on console and PC, with some serious grind holding it back, but with the introduction of the new Monsters Update, seafaring adventurers at least have something in place to help keep things fresh.

Rolling out for all players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC who already have access to King of Seas, the Monsters Update will bring forth new quests and creature encounters, along with amended (easier to complete) questlines, quality of life improvements and even mouse support for those on PC.

The new cargo is being offloaded into 3DCloud’s pirate action RPG today, giving players even more reason to head off on the high, procedurally generated, seas, as they work to clear their name and engage in some strategic naval combat. Why? Well, so they can become the true king of the high seas.

The thing is, the monsters of the deep are awake, and they’re hungry with the new update triggering and summoning mythical sea creatures including a Basilisk, Abyssal Fish, Cursed Golem, and Kraken for players to fight and loot.

The update also includes:

  • Guardian sharks and crabs that defend treasure and shipwrecks
  • Friendly encounters with whales and killer whales out in the open ocean
  • Modified requirements for some questlines making them easier to complete
  • Mouse support on PC so players can navigate the menus, shoot cannons, and move the camera with a mouse.
  • Big quality of life improvements to make the King of Seas experience better than ever.

Full patch notes for the King of Seas Monsters Update can be found on Steam but this is rolling out to a format near you right now. You’ll obviously need a copy of King of Seas to hand in order for it all to work.

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