Do you remember back at E3 2016 when Bethesda announced a reboot of Prey? Well, now there’s an official gameplay trailer from QuakeCon for the upcoming first person, sci-fi action game which is also titled Prey.

Prey will tell the story of Morgan Yu awakening aboard a space station orbiting the moon, only to find that the place is overrun with aliens whom are on the hunt. The fate of the Talos I space station is in his, and subsequently, your hands. In this latest trailer we’re treated to a glimpse of the peaceful life before all hell breaks loose and Morgan is fending off the aliens. The aliens seem to come in all shapes and sizes, from small spider like creatures to a large haunting looking beast of a thing. If they aren’t stopped, then more than just the Talos I will be at risk!

Prey is expected to hit the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017 but to tide us over for now, here’s a look at the gameplay video…

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