It doesn’t matter what you say – the market for Skin Packs and cosmetic DLCs is huge, and so it comes as no surprise to see Rivals of Aether providing its players the opportunity to mix and match a little.

Available from today for Rivals of Aether on Xbox One are three new DLC packs that bring premium skins and the chance to play as original characters.

The Ranno & Clairen pack throws Ranno (the Poisonous water based pacifist) into battle, alongside the Flame’s salvation – Clairen.

Dropping alongside those two characters are a couple of Premium Skin packs that contain no less than 4 new skins, and a unique taunt for each. If you have ever thought of yourself as a champion fighter, and now want to prove that to the world, then these are quite possibly the best way to show it.

Price wise, we’re looking at £3.99 for each of the skin packs and the same again for the character DLC pack. With Rivals of Aether coming in at £11.99 for the base game, if you’re a fan of the fighter then it may be worth taking  look at these latest additions. Get over to the Microsoft Store now.

Summit Skin Pack:

Unlock 4 Premium Skins for Rivals of Aether: Summit Orcane, Summit Kragg, Spangled Wrastor and Panda Maypul. Each Skin comes with its own unique taunt.

Champion Skin Pack:

Unlock 4 Premium Skin for Rivals of Aether: Champion Zetterburn, Champion Wrastor, Champion Kragg and Champion Etalus. Each Skin comes with its own unique taunt.

Ranno & Clairen DLC:

Play as original characters Ranno and Clairen with this two-pack DLC for Rivals of Aether. Ranno, the Poisonous Pacifist, represents water while Clairen, the Flame’s Salvation, represents fire. The DLC comes with two playable fighters.

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