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Need even more of a reason to head back to the Hunt? Well, with Showdown we’re seeing a whole new downloadable content pack hit home and the Spirit of Nian brings forth new hunters and new weapons. What’s not to like!

Available to purchase and download this very minute from the digital stores around the globe is the Hunt: Showdown – Spirit of Nian DLC. This comes with a pretty easy-to-handle £7.49 price tag in place, and for that you’ll find yourself with access to a couple of new hunters and three differing weapons. 

The Spirit of Nian focuses efforts on both the North Star and The Sovereign hunters. These Chinese hunters have learnt what is required of them by facing the legendary Nian, and as the Chinese New Year rolls into play, there is no DLC pack more fitting for the time of year. 

Alongside both the North Star and The Sovereign are three new types of weapons. These come in Sniper’s Gift, Dragon’s Song and Fire Monkey form. With all included in the pack, and all becoming up for utilisation, again there is little here to form any type of concern. 

Should you be looking to join Hunt: Showdown for what is sure to be a rather explosive time of year and fancy taking the Spirit of Nian content with you, just pop over to the Xbox Store and nail the download. You’ll be able to play the game – and use the DLC – on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. If you prefer to game on other formats, you should be covered there too. 

Let us know what you think of the new hunters and weaponry once you’ve had a look at what they offer. The comments section is down below. 

DLC Description:

These Chinese Hunters cut their teeth and learned their trade by facing the legendary monster Nian that marks the turning of the Chinese year by coming out to hunt. After facing Nian year after year with brutal, bloody success, they immigrated to the United States in late 1895, in spite of the Geary Act, with help from both Trevors and Huff – Bringing their legendary weapons: Nagant Officer Carbine, Blank Fire Decoys and Fusees.

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