world war z biohazard weapon

If you’re after a solid online PvP experience then World War Z on Xbox One provides it. And if you’re after some super good-looking new weaponry to enhance that experience even more, the newly released Biohazard Weapon Pack will sort you out.

Available to purchase and then add into your game right now, the World War Z – Biohazard Weapon Pack provides access to 4 new weapon types, all of which come with a brilliant colour scheme.

Priced up at just £4.19 from the Xbox Store, these custom biohazard weapon variants will let you split heads with the new tactical tomahawk, take out those who are up-close-and-personal with the M500 Shotgun, fire multiple rounds with the TMP5 SMG or even pick off your next target from disctance with the XTAR-95 Rifle.

Basically put, if you wish to take down the hordes silently then you can do so, or should you prefer to go all guns blazin’, this Biohazard Weapon Pack allows for that route too.

You will obviously need the base game to hand in order to enjoy the delights of these additional weapons, but with this launch coinciding with a huge price cut on the base game thanks to the latest Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale, there really is little reason to not give both the game and this pack a whirl.

If you wish to know more about how World War Z on Xbox One plays out then our full review is sitting patiently, ready to be taken in.

Further to that, the free Proving Grounds Update for World War Z has released. This features the Weekly Challenge mode – a separate playlist with unique gameplay modifiers designed to dramatically change your play style and keep the struggle against the undead dangerous and exciting each week. By competing the challenge rewards you’ll find a new currency that can be spent on character customization options. The update also includes a new Classic Battle Rifle, as well as a variety of game fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

DLC Description:

Split heads in style with an all new, tactical tomahawk designed to cut through infected flesh like a knife through butter. Made from a robust steel, it will easily outlive its five year guarantee. An ergonomic rubber grip means you can hack and slash to your hearts content while avoiding any nasty repetitive strain injuries. And, for when you need more than a blade, go silent and take out the trash with these custom, bio-hazard weapon variants and skins. This DLC includes: – Tomahawk Melee Weapon – Biohazard M500 Shotgun – Biohazard TMP5 SMG – Biohazard XTAR-95 Rifle

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