Anyone who has played Laser League – especially with a group of mates in tow – will understand the massive draw behind the light-speed arcade experience. With multiple character classes available and some node collecting gameplay which is both tense and and frantic, it’s a great time waster that ensures any online multiplayer session can end with a bang. Now though Laser League is expanding, and the new super cheap DLC brings some decent enhancements.

Available for just £1.59, the Laser League – New Motion DLC sees a whole new team enter the light field, bringing a couple of new players for your use, and no less than 8 new kits. With brand spanking new character portraits included and some super exclusive laser patterns thrown in for good measure, the price requested seems more than tempting.

If you haven’t yet played Laser League, then you could do a lot worse than check out our full review, and once you have, chances are you’ll feel the need to head to the Microsoft Store and grab the new content too.

DLC Description:

A new team enters the arena… stand out on the pitch in the performance streetwear of NewMotion. This add-on pack includes two new player models and eight kits, as well as exclusive laser patterns and character portraits. Don’t be tethered by tech: put the soul back into your sport with NewMotion.

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