It must be said, Aven Colony looks absolutely beautiful – so when a new gameplay trailer gets released, it just has to be watched. That is the case here today, as Team17 and Mothership Entertainment have released a new trailer which focuses on the survival aspect. Will you have what it takes to brave the elements?

Arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Q2 2017, Aven Colony is a sci-fi city-building and management sim set in the heart of an alien colony. If you have ever wanted to build, customise or maintain settlements within Aven Prime – a hostile extra-terrestrial world full of deserts, badlands and wetlands – then it’ll quite happily sort you out.

It’ll also come with an extensive single player campaign, as you prepare for attacks from the locals, some of which will include giant acid-spewing sandworms, ‘creep spores’ and ‘plague spores’ which will infect your colonists with the plague. It’ll be up to you to protect your colony from everything the planet is able to throw at you, and when you think that lightning and ice storms, plus toxic gas clouds are an everyday occurrence, you’ll quickly realise how you’ll have your work cut out.

But that’s not all as Aven Colony also has an immersive sandbox mode in place, featuring a variety of maps and a whole host of options to let you customise the game to your own unique experience.

Will your settlers survive and prosper on this exotic alien world? Will you uncover its many secrets? You’ll get to find out later this year when Aven Colony launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. But for now, you can find that trailer below. Hit it up and enjoy everything it brings.


  1. Can’t quite work out what kind of game this is. Kind of looks like a mobile base building game with a bit of tower defence thrown in? Maybe I’m doing it a disservice and it’s more like Sim City mixed with Command and Conquer but my gut is telling me that’s not likely… time will tell!


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