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…And they said it would never make it! Well, Skybound Games had other ideas and with the chaos surrounding Tellatale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season, happily picked it up and ran with things in order to appease TWD fans. Now though it really is the end, as the last episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season prepares to launch. It is today where we are seeing a new trailer released, and that all-important release date, confirmed.

So, the highly anticipated ending to The Walking Dead: The Final Season will arrive on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Epic Games Store) come March 26th 2019, with the usual digital release accompanied by a full physical boxed edition on console.

And that means it is time for the end. After years of fighting to survive, Clementine is now leader of a community of lost children, and they’re depending on her to get them home safe. In the aftermath of an explosive mission, fire, chaos, the living and the dead all stand in her way. Can Clementine be the saviour they need? Her story comes to a dramatic and heart-wrenching climax in this final episode. The night will be over soon…

Make sure you check out the trailer below, and in order to be up-to-speed with the tale found in The Walking Dead: The Final Season, you could do a whole lot worse than check out our reviews of the previous episodes. It all kicked off with Episode 1 ‘Done Running‘, whilst Episode 2 ‘Suffer the Children‘ continued things nicely. That was then followed up with ‘Broken Toys‘, the penultimate chapter, which should ensure that the last episode of The Final Season of The Walking Dead is setup nicely.

The franchise as a whole may not have finished in the way many would have liked, and the glory days of the first couple of Seasons are most definitely behind it, but should you be a fan of The Walking Dead, or just need to know how everything will conclude, then you’d be crazy to miss out on the last episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

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