The Trials series is something all Xbox 360 gamers will look fondly on. It was a massive seller on the 360 and the latest game looks to have taken things up a notch. Oh, and it’s also available on the next gen this time round!

Building on the same maddeningly addictive physics-based gameplay as its predecessors, Fusion will bring a whole host of new features, obstacles and challenges to the track whilst giving both Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers the chance to top the worldwide time trial leaderboards.

There will also be a Season Pass available for purchase and this will see you gaining discounted access to six DLC packs which will be released throughout the year. The pass will cost £15.99 (representing a 30% saving over buying the packs individually), with each DLC pack featuring new tracks, new bike parts, new rider gear, and new items.

Trials Fusion will be out on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on 16th April as a download. You will also be able to pick it up on Xbox One as a physical retail version along with the Season Pass on the 17th April.



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