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Generation Zero is a game that we keep forgetting about, only for the System Reaction team to occasionally rock up to the scene, throw out some cheap and cheerful DLC and then head back underground, busily mustering up more content. That’s what is happening today, as Generation Zero gets another smattering of DLC in the form of the US Weapons Pack 2. 

Following on from the previous US Weapons Pack from back in 2020, the cleverly titled US Weapons Pack 2 will certainly not break the bank. It costs just £2.59 and for that asking price is able to provide just enough content to tempt in Generation Zero players. 

With the base game to hand, you’ll be able to fill out the weapon roster you have with three new weapons, all of which come from the US Forces. These include a fast-firing SMG, a sniper-tipped battle rifle and a heavy grenade launcher. You’ll find them dropped across the Resistance controlled lands that hold the play of Generation Zero, with full weapon details as follows…

  • • COM-10 SMG – The COM-10 is a high recoil yet very fast firing SMG that is sometimes used by the US army in special operations.
  • • S21 – A sniper version of the classic S14 battle rifle with improved accuracy and adjustments to fit a scope mount.
  • • G79 Grenade Launcher – The G79 was created by the US army to grant infantry an impressive mix of firepower, range and accuracy and at the same time achieve being more portable than a mortar.

Further to that, the same pack includes a ton of attachments as well – Silencers, extended mags and grenades. Details of those…

  • • COM-10 Silencer – A unique silencer for the COM-10. Attaching this mod will significantly reduce the noise created by each shot.
  • • COM-10 Extended Magazine – An extended magazine for the COM-10 SMG. Attaching this mod will increase the weapon’s ammo capacity.
  • • S21 Extended Magazine – An extended magazine for the S21. Attaching this mod will increase the weapon’s ammo capacity.
  • • G79 Smoke Grenade – A smoke-producing round that fits the G79 Grenade Launcher. This shell deals no damage but instead creates a smoke screen at the point of impact which hinders enemies’ visual prowess.
  • • G79 HE Grenade – A high-explosive round that fits the G79 Grenade Launcher. This low-velocity shell is capable of dealing moderate explosive damage to armored targets.
  • • G79 EMP Grenade – A non-damaging, electromagnetic pulse round that fits the G79 Grenade Launcher. This shell, once detonated, is capable of knocking out all electronic devices within a short range for an extended period of time.

And then to round off the seriously cheap asking price are a handful of new crafting schematics. If you’re looking to make yourself some explosives, the following should suit…

  • • G79 Smoke Grenade – Ammo crafting schematic that makes G79 Smoke Grenades.
  • • G79 HE Grenade – Ammo crafting schematic that makes G79 HE Grenades.
  • • G79 EMP Grenade – Ammo crafting schematic that makes G79 EMP Grenades.

It goes without saying that you’ll need the base game of Generation Zero to hand, but from there, head to the Xbox Store and pick up the US Weapons Pack 2 for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S

With the game also on PS4 and PC, you should find the pack on those formats too. 

DLC Description:

While the survivors of Östertörn have already managed to scavenge some US and Soviet weapons, NATO has decided it’s time to broaden the arsenal even further, dropping another shipment of American weapons across the Resistance controlled territories. While this is still not enough to stave off the machine invasion, it should help the fighters tackle most situations and battles. Mid-tier versions of these three new US weapon models can be found in the PLUNDRA storage box in Östertörn. If this is your first time playing the game, you will find them in the storage box at the Iboholmen Church. Higher tier versions of the weapons can also be found by taking the fight to the machines and looting the weapons from their wreckage.

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