2019 was not the best year for video game lovers with most of the releases failing to meet the expectations. Although 2020 has a whole new level of challenges, it has been an excellent run for video game enthusiasts with thrilling releases, like eye of horus free play slot, that represent a step forward for the sector. Now that the year is almost ending, take a look back at the strongest titles to hit the market in 2020.

DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal is an epic single-player game that unleashes the armies of hell on Earth. The game tasks players with a campaign to defeat the demons across different dimensions and prevent the eradication of humankind. These spawns of evil only fear one thing, which is the gamer. 

The game offers an experience of speed and power, all of which can be explored in first-person combat. One can also gain access to DOOM Slayer’s advanced Praetor Suit, which is a demon-killing technology. The tech includes a retractable DOOM Blade mounted on the wrist and a flamethrower. Players can also explore upgraded mods and guns that make the character more robust, faster, and more versatile in the storyline.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is the most awaited video game of 2020 and is set to hit the market on 10th December after the release of PlayStation 5. Cyberpunk 2077 immerses punters into Night City, which is a metropolis set in the future that runs on glamour, power, and human body modifications. The game follows an open-world story with V, a mercenary outlaw, at the centre of it all. Players have to endure action and adventure in their quest to find a unique implant that unlocks the key to immortality. Cyberpunk 2077 is highly anticipated due to numerous reasons, including:

  • The choices made while exploring the vast city influence how the story unfolds
  • The character’s playstyle, skillset, and cyberware are all open for customization
  • There are available body-enhancing implants, upgradeable weaponry, and hacking skills that build the character into the best gun for hire in town
  • Available money to collect and spend on cyberware, automobiles, weapons, and even clothing

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II unfolds in a post-apocalyptic era after a dangerous pandemic hit the globe. Five years on, Ellie and Joel are living amongst a peaceful and thriving community of survivors with minor threats from infected individuals and desperate ones. The game immerses players into a complex and emotional story that takes Ellie, the main character, on a pursuit of vengeance after the murder of her lover. The events that unfold force players to challenge their moral notions of right and wrong in the mud of violence.

Among Us

Among Us is the 2020 game that has reiterated the fact that a good game does not require killer graphics and animations to thrive. The game follows a science-fiction murder mystery storyline that puts a group of cremates on a spaceship. Out of the ten members on the ship, at least one of them is an imposter and has to kill everyone. The rest are only tasked with completing menial tasks that maintain the spaceship’s vital systems. They win by either murdering everyone before they are discovered or convince the other crewmates to vote off innocent members until they are the last ones remaining. The game is based on the party game wink murder with the only difference being that it takes place on a frequently malfunctioning spaceship.

Marvel Avengers

Marvel Avengers brought the superhero reign back to life with a 22-film long masterpiece that spanned over a decade. Even though it came to a close with End Game in 2019, video game enthusiasts get a chance to join the gang as a superhero and fight in a unique storyline. The third-person, action-adventure set takes the iconic heroes in the original story and assembles them to defeat escalating threats on Earth. The game can support four characters playing any of the following superheroes:

  • Ms Marvel – an Avengers fangirl that was exposed to Terrigen Mist on A-Day and gained superhuman abilities
  • Thor – The son of Odin that currently sits on the throne of Asgard as the God of Thunder. Earth is his second home and helps to vanquish its foes
  • Black Widow – a trained agent of the top-secret Soviet Red Room program that is a master of combat, espionage, and subversion
  • Captain America – received the Superhuman Serum during the Second World War that fights using a Vibranium shield
  • Iron Man – a brush with death out put the inventor, billionaire, and philanthropist Tony Stark on a better path for Earth’s redemption against catastrophic threats
  • Hulk – Dr Bruce Banner’s exposure to gamma radiation turns him into a green giant called the hulk fueled by rage and showcases endurance and durability

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Miles Morales takes on the screens once more as Spider-Man in the 2020 Marvel’s Spider-Man. The latest adventure sees him working to adjust in his new home while learning from his mentor Peter Parker on how to take on the role of the new Spider-Man. However, a power struggle in New York pushes him to the task of owning his new identity sooner than he expected. 

When purchasing the game, which can be played on PS4, gamers can receive some digital bonuses, including:

  • Gravity Well Gadget – pulls enemies together so that they can be knocked down and disarmed easily
  • T.R.A.C.K Suit – Time Response Activated Circuit Suit
  • Extra Skill Points – allows Spider-Man to master new skills and combat moves faster
  • Second Spidey Suit – TBA

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is part of the Assassin’s Creed video game series but with a unique Viking storyline this time around. Players are welcomed to build their own Viking legend who is a fearless warrior leading their clan on raids. The journey begins on the icy desolations of Norway as the tribe searches for lush farmlands across ninth-century England. The lands have to be conquered, and some tribes will fight harder than others.

Final Remarks

The video games released in 2020 spell an exciting decade for gaming enthusiasts as developers continue to challenge the limits of entertainment. Most of these games operate on the available consoles like Xbox One and PS4. Those that are yet to be released are likely to align with the new consoles coming later this year.