xbox one elite bundle

We love console bundles, but we love new controllers even more and so the news that we’ll soon be able to get our hands on an Xbox One Elite bundle and a gorgeous Lunar White controller is music to our ears!

The Xbox One Elite Bundle is the ultimate gaming experience. With a matte finish, 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive and 20% faster performance from energy-saving mode, if you’re serious about your Xbox One gaming, then this is the console for you. Additionally, the Elite bundle comes complete with the awesome Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, the new class leading controller with customisable features, interchangeable paddles and further amendments possible with the Xbox Accessories app, Hair Trigger Locks and high-performance construction to provide an unparalleled experience every time you game.

But here at TXH, we’re super excited to see a new standard controller in Lunar White. With all the features of the normal controller but with a white and gold colour scheme and improved grip texture for more control and comfort, we want to get our hands on one right now!

The Xbox One Elite Bundle will be available worldwide starting November for $499 USD ERP whilst the Lunar White controller will arrive in late September for $64.99 USD ERP. We’ll keep you updated on UK prices when we can.


Are you ready to jump in?

xbox one white controller




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