Titanfall controller

It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll need a new Xbox One controller in the near future. The thing is, NEED and WANT are two massively different things. You will WANT this and it looks like they are now shipping!

Announced today, the Xbox One Titanfall limited edition controller will be available worldwide in time for the release of Titanfall on March 11th in North America and March 13th elsewhere.

Inspired by the C-101 carbine used by the elite IMC Titan pilots of the Frontier, the Titanfall controller was designed by Respawn Entertainment and fits in nicely with the world of Titanfall.

Currently available for pre-order from the Microsoft store for those in North America, it looks set to be a GAME exclusive for those in the UK.

UPDATE: For those in the UK, the controller has now got itself a pre order page available at GAME. £44.99 should be enough to nab one.

Further Update: It’s looking like those controllers are now shipping from the Microsoft store. According to a user on Reddit, Microsoft have dished out the tracking numbers with a view to delivering this coming week.


Titanfall controller box


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